Swimming & Lunch - Weekend

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• Ticket for all-day stay at the Aquapolis swimming complex
• Lunch


• The largest swimming pool with waves in Croatia (summer season) and 10 different swimming pools with variety of water attractions
• Whirlpool (water and air massage)
• Massage pool (water massage)
• Air massage pool (air massage)
• Recreational (water massages, air geyser, lying air massages, water mushroom, waterfall)
• Free sunbeds (according to availability)
• Table soccer, kids corner


Snaša - winter season
Summer season - Restaurant Snaša, Cocktail bar, Caffe bar Sunčica, Grill bar Bećar, restaurant Lola
Grill bar Bećar, Slatki kutak

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Package expiration date: 120 days from payment

For any questions, contact us at:

+385 31 685 110 ili prodaja@bizovacke-toplice.hr
Mandatory reservation for sauna at +385 91 1685 162   

CIJENA PAKETA: 15,00€ / 113,02kn

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