Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy Sunčane toplice d.o.o. (hereinafter: Sunčane toplice) are respectful of your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal information. Data is collected and stored in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.
Who is the manager of personal data processing?
Sunčane toplice (Sunčana 39, Bizovac, Croatia) is the manager of processing your personal information as prescribed by the law and regulations on personal data protection. Sunbaths as a Personal Data Processing Manager determine the purpose and means of processing personal data and are responsible for keeping and using personal data in paper or electronic form.
Personal Data Protection Officer
Sunčane toplice named the Personal Data Protection Officer in accordance with the relevant regulations, which you can contact regarding any issues related to the processing of your personal data or the exercise of your rights to the protection of personal data. Contact: Data We Collect We collect only the data we need to fulfill the purpose of the collection.

The data we collect from you are:
• name and surname
• date of birth
• address
• E-mail address
• phone and / or fax number
• All other information you have discovered

Purpose of collecting
The data collected is for:
• How to respond more efficiently to your inquiry
• Enter our system of prize games
• promotion of our services (newsletter)
• our internal statistical data processing
• Possibility of sending publications, brochures and other promotional materials
• at any time you can unsubscribe from our mailing list with a clear statement, after which the health center will not use your information for promotion purpose.

Sunčane toplice will guarantee that the collected data will be used only for the aforementioned purposes, as well as the affiliated company of the Lječilište Bizovačke toplice.

Duration of Privacy Policy
At the time you give up your use of your personal information, you agree to contact us and to be part of our mailing list. Your privation is permanent and at any time you can request exclusion from our mailing list, which means that the Sun spa will no longer use your data except for internal purposes, for example, for information or statistical processing purposes.
Privacy policy content
We do not sell, rent or rent your e-mail address or other information to any third party, without your consent, because it is contrary to our privacy policy. Sunčane toplice are kept strict policies "no spam".
We collect only those personal information that we voluntarily provided to us. We do not require you to send us this information to allow you access to your website and we are not asking you to disclose more
information than is necessary to participate in any activity on our website. The sunbaths at each contact with you check the accuracy of the data. Sunčane toplice do not respond to a random mistake or error due to force majeure or other objective circumstances that cause accidental violation of the guaranteed protection of your data but warrants that the error will be removed, if possible as soon as possible.

E-mail message
When you send us an e-mail with personal information that you can identify, either by email or question by email or by e-mail, we use this information to meet your requirements.

Data security
To ensure the security of our data at our site and to ensure that this service is accessible to all users, our computer system uses software that monitors online visits and recognizes unauthorized shipments of data or data modification as well as those that could otherwise cause damage. Unauthorized attempts to ship or change data at this location are strictly forbidden.

Online polls
The data collected through the online survey are used solely for the purpose of improving the service within Sunčane toplice or Associated Societies, the Bizovačke Toplice Spa. You will be required to use your e-mail address for polling.

Protecting personal data of children
Sunčane toplice do not want and do not intend to collect personal information of people under the age of 16 and will not use them in any way or give them to third parties. We do not collect personal contact information outside the internet, except for awarding a prize, and then only with the permission of a parent. We do not provide third parties with any personal information without the prior permission of their parents. We do not allow children to publicly disclose or otherwise distribute personal information or other material that is sent to us by contacting them, or encourage children to disclose more information without participating in a prize game or any other activity. what is needed to participate in the activity in question. In cases where children under the age of 16 are allowed to participate in prize games we require a child to first request permission to participate from their parents or legal representatives and to enter the email address of their parents or representatives. If a child under the age of 16 wins a prize, they will be informed by e-mail, telephone or in writing by parents or representatives. Personal information of the child and parent is deleted from our database if the parent requests from us. As a parent or lawyer you always have the right to request access to any personal information about your child that we receive on one of our sites, you may request deletion of data (if this information is still in our database) and / or forbid future collection and Use your child's information. If you are a parent and want to exercise this right, let us know. In addition to this, the Health Center carries out the protection of personal data of children envisaged by special laws regulating this issue.

Change data
You can contact us at any time to review your personal information, as well as for updating, correcting or deleting your data. By that time, we use your old data for the purposes mentioned. Your consent Filling out the forms in the Sunčane toplice or on this site warrants that the information you have provided is accurate, you are competent and authorized to dispose of the information provided and that you fully agree that Sunčane toplice use and collect your information in accordance with the law and the conditions of your own privacy policy.
Any privacy policy adjustments will be posted on this website and will be accessible to everyone.

The rights of the respondent
At the request of the Sunčane toplice, the Respondent will provide the following information: identity and contact details of the processing manager, contact details of data protection officers, processing purposes for which personal data are used, as well as the legal basis for processing, legitimate interests, recipients or categories of recipients of personal data, the intent of transferring personal data to third countries (if any), a period of data storage or criteria defining that period, priviledged rights, the potentially existence of automated decision-making, including the creation of a profile (meaningful information about the logic of processing and the potential consequences and the importance of the treatment itself for the respondents) and the existence of the aforementioned rights. In case the data is not collected directly from the respondent, the source of the personal data is mentioned with the mentioned data.

Sunčane toplice personal data are processed in accordance with the Regulation, respecting the rights of the subjects listed below:
1. The right to be deleted ("the right to forget") - the respondent has the right to request the deletion of personal data related to it and the Sun spa is obliged to delete personal data without unnecessary delay if one of the following conditions is met:
• personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected or otherwise processed
• the respondent withdrew the processing ground on which the processing is based and there is no other legal basis for processing
• the respondent has filed a complaint on processing and the legitimate reasons for the right to be deleted have greater weight than the legitimate interest of sunbaths for the processing and / or storage of personal data • personal data is illegally processed
• personal data must be deleted in order to comply with the legal obligation

2. The right to access data - the respondent is entitled to receive confirmation of his personal data processing and, if such personal data are processed, he has the right to know all about the access to personal data and the purpose of processing, the categories of data, potential recipients to whom the personal data will be disclosed Fig.

3. The right to a correction - the respondent has the right, without unnecessary delay, to correct the incorrect personal data relating to him. Taking into account the purpose of processing, the respondent has the right to supplement incomplete personal information, inter alia by providing additional statement. Additionally, respondents are obliged to update their personal data in a business relationship with Sunbaths.

4. Right to Data Transfer - The respondent has the right to receive personal information relating to him, provided by Sunčane toplice in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, and has the right to transfer this data to the other processing manager. It should be taken into account that the transfer right relates solely to the personal data of the respondent.

5. Right to Objection - The respondent has the right, on the basis of his special situation, to lodge an objection to processing his personal data at any time. Sunčane toplice in such a situation may no longer process personal data unless they prove that there are convincing legitimate grounds for processing that go beyond the interests, rights and freedoms of the respondent, or for the purpose of establishing, achieving or defending the legal requirements. Furthermore, if personal data is processed for direct marketing purposes, the respondent has at any time the right to file an objection to the processing of personal data relating to it for the purposes of such marketing, including the making of a profile to the extent that is associated with such direct marketing

6. The right to limit the processing - the respondent has the right to request a processing limit if he or she disputes the accuracy of the personal data in case he considers the processing illegal and opposes the deletion of the personal data and instead asks for restriction of their use in the case of the respondent on processing. The Respondent has the right at any time to request the exercise of any of these rights. The respondent shall, upon request, provide information on actions taken with respect to said rights, at the latest within three months of receiving the request (depending on the quantity and complexity of the application). All requests will be made to respond within one month, if this is necessary, this deadline will be extended for a maximum of two additional months. If the Sunčane toplice does not respond to the request of the respondent within one month of receiving the application, he or she will notify the respondent of the reasons for the failure to do so. Reasons for non-execution imply the existence of the lawfulness of processing that the Sunčane toplice disables in handling. In addition, the respondent has the right to make a decision that is based solely on the automated processing that is to a large extent affected, does not apply to it, including the design of the profile, unless this decision is: - necessary for concluding or executing a contract between the respondents and Sunčane toplice - allowed by law - is based on the explicit deprivation of the respondent.


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