Thermal water

A salty, iodine liquid that changed the future of an almost unknown village in the Slavonian plain

It became the source of the long-lost Pannonian Sea, to which people from the surrounding villages and towns came seeking healing.

This exceptional water has almost three times more salt than the sea, and it also has iron, iodine and other minerals. .


• balneological hyperthermal
• mineral
• fluorine
• iodine
• sodium bicarbonate
• chloride water

Mineralization is 3880 mg/l


All previous analysis by the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Zagreb have confirmed that this thermomineral water is unique and the warmest iodine hyperthermal water in Europe.

Salty iodine waters have been used since ancient times for treatment in form of hot baths or by inhalation.

The favorable composition, high temperature and rich mineralization of this water are particularly useful for the treatment of diseases and injuries of the locomotor system.

The water temperature is 96°C , and it applied cooled down and has a calming effect on pain and muscle spasms.

The origin of Bizovac Thermal Spa goes down the discovery of thermo-mineral water of deep wells of high temperature and mineralization.

The medical quality of water was discovered by the inhabitants of Bizovac, who started to use the water in the nearby ditch.

After a balneological analysis at the Department of Physical Medicine in Zagreb, it was established that the water has a great potential for use in balneotherapy. Balneotherapy is a therapy fot the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis pain. .


Such physical therapy can be used therapeutically, first of all by patients with the previously mentioned indications, but also with a whole series of other painful conditions, breakdowns and deformations.Further, physical therapy can be used with bad posture and deformation of the spine and feet of school children and youth, as well as preventive measures including swimming.

Further activity includes people in risky workplaces, especially those with chronic impairments.

That means that, healthy people come to the spa with the goal of improving their body functions over the years, as a result of the modern way of life, such as a fast-paces lifestyle and stress that comes with work.

All of this leads to exhaustion of the organism, fatigue and depressive states in which recovery is needed.

This type of water provides this exact kind of recovery, along with additional treatments where the physical activity of swimming and hydrogyimnastics is provided.


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