Gastro offer: hamburgers, pizzas...

Pizzas, hamburgers, great ambience, excellent service.
In our indoor pool complex find something to your linking from our menu.
Burgers colored with natural dyes, which, in addition to their special appearance, also have a special taste.

Classic pizzas as well as a special pizza with black dough.


Pizza Margherita
Tomato sauce, cheese, olive

Pizza 4 vrste sira
Tomato sauce, Podravec cheese
gorgonzola, mozzarella, grated cheese, olive

Pizza mixed
Tomato sauce, ham, cheese, mushrooms, olives

Pizza Slavonian
Tomato sauce, sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, mushrooms, hot pepperoni, onion

Pizza Toplice - black dough
Tomato sauce, ham, hamburger, sir, mushrooms, sweet pepperoni, cream, paprika


Hamburgers with baked potatoes - green dough
Beef, pork, fresh spinach, spices, baked potatoes with skin

Cheesebruger with baked potatoes - black dough
Beef, pork, cuttlefish ink, spices, cheese, baked potatoes with skin

Bizovac burger with baked potatoes - pink dough
Beef, pork, fresh beets, spices, dry bacon, cheese, baked potatoes

Vege burger with baked potatoes
Pea protein, lettuce, pickles, tomato, ketchup based sauce, unpeeled tomato, baked potatoes


Pork neck 2 pcs., chicken skewer in a wrap of 2 pieces of bacon, cevap 4 pcs,
grill sausage 2 pcs, grilled meat patty (pljeskavica) with cheese 2 pcs,
french fries, grilled vegetables, scones, ajvar, onion

Chicken skewer
French fries, grilled vegetables

Cevap in a bun (10 pcs)
Beef, pork, bun, onion, ajvar

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