Let your child learn how to swim with us.

We organize swimming lessons in cooperation with the Profesor Baltazar sports club.

Program location: indoor pools up to 60 cm deep with temperatures ranging from 31.5 – 32.5 °C.
Schedule: 60 minutes, five times a week
Number of lessons: 10 x 60 minutes
Program price per person: HRK 300.00
Program capacity: 10-15 children
Program conduct: The program will be conducted by masters or senior year students of kinesiology
Required equipment: a bathing suit, a medium-sized towel

If your child suffers from an illness or has any other conditions that may manifest in the pool, please tell the instructor before the first lesson.

Enrollments are available on an ongoing basis. We will start training when at least 10 children sign up for a group.

Please call us at 385 31 685 110 and enroll your child in this course where he/she will learn how to swim with the help of top experts in an excellent atmosphere.


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