Grill bar Bećar

Located right next to the Children’s Corner and the entrance to the indoor pools, our Grill Bar Bećar offers a view of Slavonian waves. Enjoy our abundant and tasty meals prepared by our team in the shade of a parasol – we are sure you will return. Enjoy!

Ćevapi in pita bread 30,00 kn
100%, pita bread, onions, ajvar  

Grill sausage in a bun 20,00 kn
Grill sausage, bun, mustard

Hot sausage in a bun 22,00 kn
Hot sausage, bun, bacon, mustard, honey

Marinated pork neck 35,00 kn 
French fries, grilled vegetables

Chicken kebab with vegetables 28,00 kn
French fries

Chicken Vienna steak 35,00 kn
French fries, grilled vegetables

French fries 10,00 kn
Ketchup, mayonnaise


Team Bizovac

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