Cocktail bar

Fancy cocktail by the waves in our newly opened Cocktail Bar?



An ideal refreshment on a hot summer day.
Mojito is often referred to as a favorite drink of the American writer Ernest Hemingway. His praise for the cocktail and his signature are featured on a wall of the bar he frequented, La Bodeguita del Medio
0,40 l 22,00 kn
1,00 l 65,00 kn

Sex On The Beach

One of the most popular and current cocktails for a hot summer day.
0,40 l 22,00 kn
1,00 l 65,00 kn

Pina Colada

Tropical aromas make this cocktail attractive.
Being one of the most popular cocktails, Pina Colada was invented back in 1957 in Puerto Rico.
0,40 l 22,00 kn


Refreshing and simple, this Brazilian national cocktail offers a full flavor.
Simply delightful.

0,40 l 22,00 kn
1,00 l 65,00 kn

Tequila Sunrise

Invented in the 1930s in Mexico
This is now a popular cocktail that has even inspired a few songs.
0,40 l 22,00 kn

Hot beverages
Soft drinks
Beer, wine, bitter liqueurs, brandy, vodka


Visit us and enjoy the rich flavors of our cocktails by the Slavonian Sea.

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