Americano bar

Pizza, hamburgers, great ambience, premium service.
Americano Bar is located in the deep shade of the Aquapolis swimming zone, next to the Family Pool.
Wooden tables and chairs create a special natural ambient.
The name Americano was inspired by its fusion of Italian and American food.
Americano is open for nighttime swimming as well.


Our chef Jurić has brought together the best of Slavonia and Italy, using innovative combinations.

Joe Bonnano 30,00 kn
Tomato sauce, Podravec cheese, gorgonzola, mozzarella, granular cheese, olive

John Gotti Black Pasta 35,00 kn
House specialty (tomato sauce, ham, lunchmeat, cheese, mushrooms, sweet peppers)

Vito Genovese 30,00 kn
Tomato sauce, ham, cheese, mushrooms, olive

Al Capone 35,00 kn
Tomato sauce, sausage, bacon, ham, cheese, mushrooms, hot peppers

Toto Riina 28,00 kn
Tomato sauce, cheese, olive



Hamburger with roast potatoes 32,00 kn
Green bun
40% beef, 60% pork, fresh spinach, condiments, unpeeled potatoes

Baconburger with roast potatoes 35,00 kn
Pink bun
40% beef, 60% pork, fresh beetroot, condiments, dried bacon, cheese, unpeeled potatoes

French fries 10,00 kn
Ketchup, mayonnaise

Combination Sunny double burger with roast potatoes and 2 craft beers 80,00 kn
50% beef, 50% pork, condiments, sauce, cheese, ham, unpeeled potatoes
Zmajska pivovara:
Pale Ale 0,33 l (1x) & Porter 0,33 l (1x) 

4 burgers with 4 craft beers 160,00 kn
50% beef, 50% beef, vegetables, sauce, condiments, unpeeled potatoes, French fries
Zmajska pivovara:
Pale Ale 0,33 l (2x) & Porter 0,33 l (2x)

Cheeseburger with roast potatoes 35,00 kn
Black bun
40% beef, 60% pork, cuttlefish ink, condiments, sir, unpeeled potatoes
Fried & roast unpeeled potatoes
Ketchup, mayonnaise

Green burger buns with spinach, A natural abundance of vitamins having a rich taste and aroma, simply melts in your mouth.
Pink burger bunsDyed with beetroot, the queen of health, rich in flavor, attractive to look at, it will please even the most demanding ones.
Black burger buns. Black is to fool the eye, but the taste is delightful, filling, juicy and perfect...

Visit us and try our chefs’ perfect creations.
Team Bizovac
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